A New Landmark Destination

With the iconic MahaTower, commercial attractions and strategic location in Kuah town, LangkawiCity is set to become the most visited site in Langkawi.


The New Hub

LangkawiCity will be developed in four phases over five years. The first and most iconic construction is MahaTower, a 138m-tall tower designed with geometric patterns inherent in Islamic architecture. At once highlighting local heritage as well as inventiveness, this landmark features an observation deck with 360-degree panoramic views of the Andaman Sea and scenic hills. It also features 10 exclusive hotel suites, a sky restaurant and retail outlets. Surrounding the iconic tower is LangkawiSquare, a 50,000 sq ft area that will be the perfect venue for international events.

Phase 1 will continue with the development of LangkawiBLVD, a commercial site of four-storey shop offices with contemporary facade and column-free design. These units are ideal for restaurants, cafes, bistros, fashion boutiques, beauty salons, retail outlets, banks, boutique hotels, offices and other businesses that want to capitalize on main road visibility as well as spacious shop front walkways.


Those seeking permanent or long-term residency in Langkawi can look forward to Phase 2, Serviced Apartments that comprises of 430 units of luxury residences which is also ideal for investment.

Phase 3 will be the development of 60 units of 2 ½ storey boutique retails.LangkawiCity will be fully completed in Phase 4, with the development of Hotel Suites, Private Villas & Retails.

LangkawiCity will serve as the catalyst for the modernization of Langkawi to make it viable for commercial and investment opportunities.

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The LangkawiCity Masterplan

Click on map below to learn more about each phase of the development.

LangkawiCity Masterplan
  • PHASE 1
    • MahaTower
    • LangkawiSquare
    • Shop Offices
  • PHASE 2
    • Luxury Residences
  • PHASE 3
    • Boutique Retails
  • PHASE 4
    • Hotel Suites
    • Private Villas
    • Retails
    • Marina

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